Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Revathi Malay

At a time of unprecedented rise in temperatures in most of the districts in Karnataka and warnings of further rise in temperatures, some untimely rain in February, the coffee belt of  Karnataka was blessed with the timely and good arrival of the Revathi malay in the districts of Kodagu, Hasan and  Chikmagalur.

Revathi malay (malay means rain in Kannada) is the blossom shower that arrives every year (in a normal year !) and is rainfall that occurs between March 1st and April 30th.Revathi is the rain that is needed for the coffee bud to flower . The blossoming is key to coffee production . This year Revathi has kept her date and has arrived on time much to the relief of the coffee farmer.
However, what is worrying is the warming from the  Meteorological Department, that there is likely to be an average two degree rise in the mean temperature in most districts. This certainly is bad news not just for coffee but for other crops too.

Our most ubiquitous, humble but delicious bananas are under so much stress.The  banana trees have started to  wither due to the lack of water and excessive heat. Coconuts are dropping early and their size reduced due to excess heat, says   Timmegowda, director, All India Coconut Growers’ Federation.This will only get worse. In the Malnad, the summer temperature range was between 18 degrees and 28 degrees Celsius. Today the lower range starts at 28 degrees says Mohan Kumar, a coffee grower in Sakleshpur.

Which brings me to what I like to
ask "why is the measure of love loss ?"


  1. Your love for your land is so obvious from you post.

    1. Hi Robby
      And sad to see the Western Ghats being destroyed and looted